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Was Hitler really a Dictator?
by Friedrich Christian Prince of Schaumburg-Lippe

Part 10 - A word to the slanderers themselves

And now, a word to the slanderers themselves. A word from the pen of Friedrich Nietzsche, perhaps one of the most prominent, courageous and profound of all philosophers:

"And this is the tale of Zarathustra's conversation with the fire-dog: The earth (he said) has a skin; and this skin has diseases. One of these diseases, for example, is called 'Man'. And another of these diseases is called 'the fire-dog': men have told many lies and been told many lies about him.
"To fathom this secret I fared across the sea: and I have seen truth naked, truly! barefoot to the neck.
"Now I know all about the fire-dog; and also about all the revolutionary and subversive devils which not only old women fear.
"'Up with you, fire-dog, up from your depth!' I cried, 'and confess how deep that depth is! Where does it come from, that which you snort up?
"'You drink deeply from the sea: your bitter eloquence betrays that! Truly, for a dog of the depths you take your food too much from the surface!
"'At the best, I hold you to be the earth's ventriloquist: and when I have heard subversive and revolutionary devils speak, I have always found them like you: bitter, lying, and superficial.
"'You understand how to bellow and how to darken the air with ashes! You are the greatest braggart and have sufficiently learned the art of making mud boil.
"'Where you are there must always be mud around and much that is spongy, hollow, and compressed: it wants to be freed.
"'Freedom', you all most like to bellow: but I have unlearned belief in "great events" wherever there is much bellowing and smoke about them.
"'And believe me, friend Infernal-racket! The greatest events - they are not our noisiest but our stillest hours.
"'The world revolves, not around the inventors of new noises, but around the inventors of new values; it revolves inaudibly.'"


Part 11 - Conclusion

Immensely much could still be said about this topic. I have restricted myself, on the whole, to things I know from personal experience. My intent was not to settle scores with former opponents; we have no need of that. My intent was twofold:

a) to establish how abominable and base a barrage of lies has been aimed at us Germans for decades; and

b) to point out who does this, and why.

The circles which have instigated and perpetuated the world-wide slander of our nation for decades now are themselves in every way the extreme opposite of us Germans. They are more or less an imitation of their prophet Karl Marx. They give themselves away ever more clearly by no longer trying to destroy only us Germans with their lies, but other nations as well. The Chileans, the Spanish, the South Africans and the Arabs are but a few examples. They, too, the slanderers accuse of heinous crimes, they too are placed at the receiving end of continual hate-mongering carried out on an international level and even by means of international organizations.

Anyone who comes to know them through their methods knows that their lies are only a means towards their end in the struggle for world power. For if it were otherwise, they would have the courage to slander the great powers as well: Russia, China and the United States. But not a hair of their heads is ever touched! What all do these states have on their conscience even only with respect to their own nations, their own people? Not a word is written about that. There are even attempts to forge spiritual alliances against us with these nations - which endeavour has succeeded all too well in the case of the United States. I just recall the disgusting hate-propaganda that a certain General Eisenhower ordered distributed in immense quantities to his officers near the end of the Second World War!

And who still recalls that the Poles indulged in such unspeakably atrocious excesses in Germany in 1945 that some of the Russian troops saw fit to protect the Germans from these Poles? What prompts the slanderers to keep silent about the fate of the Jews in the Soviet Union as well as in the States? In 1961, in Buffalo, USA, I saw one of the largest synagogues in the city, which had burned down and, it seemed, was not being rebuilt. I asked numerous respected Americans what that meant. They shrugged their shoulders and laughed a little maliciously, and that was all. I then asked deliberately: "When is it going to be rebuilt?" The answer: "We don't know if it's going to be rebuilt!"

Even though the incitement and hate-mongering against our nation and its history is carried on by far the most vigorously and most disgustingly in the United States, I do not think that most of the people are prepared to believe everything they hear.

Those criminal slanderers who incite the entire world against our German nation and its history, and act in a similar manner towards very specific other nations as well, do not, however, voice even the slightest objection when international Capitalism / Marxism promotes a process which in the long run will most certainly destroy the whole of all life on earth. I only need to mention that horrible topic, "disposal of radioactive waste".

No-one knows what to do with this deadly waste-material, of which there is more and more every day. Because storage on the ocean floor has already proven much too dangerous, the only possibility considered to be still an option is to deposit it in particularly deep ocean trenches, where this waste will not become active for another 10,000 years - we hope. But if the amount of waste that has already accumulated gets out of hand in even only 1,000 years, then this should more than suffice to utterly destroy all life on this planet in a very brief period of time indeed!

My question: who are those international dictators, unprecedentedly thoughtless and callous, irresponsible and unscrupulous, who dare to continue producing radioactive waste even though they know full well that the enormous dangers to all life grow more and more monstrous with each new barrel that is sunk, and can never be stopped?

Anyone who tolerates that, who does not speak out against it, who does not denounce those dictators of economy and finance as by far the worst criminals of all time and all nations - God knows, such a person does not have the slightest right to criticize things past.

Those who calumniate us Germans and our history were and continue to be the ones truly at the root of the great wars - and they are at the same time the ones who pave the way for that Dictatorship of World Capital which I have particularly stressed.

Thus, the circle closes, and what seemed so incomprehensible at first becomes quite clear.

And exactly for this reason, that now we know what at best we could sense then, I must take this opportunity to remember those tens of thousands, and probably even hundreds of thousands, of good German men and women who, since May 8, 1945, have slowly died an agonizing death because their love of home and Fatherland, their decency and their loyalty to their people and their nation simply could not bear all these base lies and deception. I saw many of them already slowly begin to die of this spiritual agony in the prison camp - and not a few of them, out of their bottomless despair, ended their own lives.

I know that I was born a German so as to live and do my duty as a German. That is in accordance with the eternal order of this world we live in. He that deliberately acts against this order, can only be a traitor, a scoundrel! He harms everyone else. No philosophy, no religion, no mathematics can ever be stronger than the eternal ethical legitimacy of nature!

"This above all: to thine own self be true!
And it must follow, as the night the day,
Thou canst not then be false to any man."

Shakespeare, Hamlet I,3 (Polonius)


Part 12 - Epilogue

Whether it makes sense or not - it is an undeniable fact, proven anew day in, day out, that Adolf Hitler is the best-known person in the world today, second only to Jesus Christ. Particularly in the most powerful nations, he is - politically speaking - still very much alive, for time and again, the world over, he is repeatedly quoted and continually referred to and described. Magazines, books, movies, radio, television, parliaments and countless speakers from all nations continue, 31 years after his death, to seize every possible opportunity to exploit this man and to profit from him. The most glaring example of this which I myself witnessed must be mentioned:

In a speech which I gave in Ulm/Donau, I attempted to establish that there can never be absolutely rigid judgements in politics. The more natural any given teaching is, the more human discipline is required of its adherents. Hence, the more sacrifices must be made, the smaller the number of true followers, fighters and faithful.

I said: "Let no-one believe that everyone who once wore the Brown Shirt is my friend today. On the contrary - in this matter I am particularly discriminating, because I know that the number of National-Socialists decreased, the more rapidly the numbers of Party members grew! If someone today points out a Federal Minister or party leader who used to hold a position in the NSDAP, I could not care less, for I know that he could never have ben a National-Socialist. He just 'acted the part' - and so he will just 'act the part' all his life."

In closing, I said: "It was a very bad thing that both Ribbentrop and Bormann, for example - two profoundly different men - were not National-Socialists. The wrong political attitude is in itself disastrous, but to fake the positive political attitude and then to abuse and betray it, that is catastrophic."

In this context I mentioned that I had seen Bormann in the train station of Buchloe after the war, in 1948 or 1949. This remark caused an uproar, and a leading German magazine asked me for an interview. I agreed, on the condition that I would first be given a clear answer to the following question, which was of paramount interest to me at the time: "Am I correct in the assumption that the official account of Hitler's death is partly untrue? By 'partly' I mean 'to a considerable degree'."

The magazine's editorial staff withdrew for a brief conference, and then declared that it was in fact so, the official account was incorrect in some vital respects. I responded that it was quite incomprehensible to me why such a prominent magazine would then forfeit the great credit of publication, and keep silent for years. Their answer was: "All in good time, dear Prince!"...

This interview has remained in my mind as exceptionally revealing and interesting. And that is also a reason for my writing this booklet, even though it strikes me as somewhat incomplete an attempt at the interpretation of Adolf Hitler's personality.

And just at this time, quite unexpectedly, I have received what is probably the most interesting and valuable supplement imaginable: Adolf Hitler's last recorded statements shortly before the end of the war - some notes, unknown to date.

The reader will no doubt wonder whether these notes are genuine. Naturally, we too considered this point frequently and earnestly. I can only say this: the writing is Hitler's style, the statements are doubtless his own thoughts, the mood of those days is singularly brought to life, and the notes were released by a reliable and trustworthy source - for the sake of the truth, and only for its sake!

Adolf Hitler's expositions* affected me, who knew him well until 1936, like a profession by the soon to be departed. With perfect candor he tells how he saw matters - and exactly that is of paramount importance for us to know, for:

"The concealment of truth brings evil!"
Friedrich Nietzsche

*KRITIK issue no. 70: Adolf Hitler - ein Leben für Deutschland und Europa.

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Was Hitler Really a Dictator?