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In this age of widespread ignorance of real history, coupled with incitement against everything German and of the slander of our fathers' and grandfathers' generation, it is necessary that we who have remained German at heart should join together to present a united front against those forces that aim at our ethnic destruction - forces which it is considered a criminal offense (and not only in Germany) to call by name. The pen is mightier than the sword, and truth is a powerful weapon - but we cannot wield it alone!

The German poet Clemens Brentano (1778-1842) wrote a poem titled Die Gottesmauer - "God's Wall". In this poem, a village is about to be destroyed by enemy soldiers. An old woman spends the night in fervent prayer to God to keep her and her grandson safe - and indeed, they are preserved from harm: God sends a snow storm to hide their cottage from the enemy's sight, keeping them safe behind a wall of snow - "God's Wall".

Will you help us build our own wall?

"God helps those that help themselves", or so the saying goes. So let's get to work! Let's build our wall ourselves! It is not supposed to be a dividing wall to isolate us, but rather a bulwark, a shield against hatred, lies and slander, and everyone who would feel at home within such walls, whose building blocks are truth, justice and freedom, is invited to join us in its construction. The foundation must be the open and truthful dialogue between peoples; but this can only be achieved when the underdog is also allowed to be heard - in other words, when the long-hushed-up sufferings of a people are exposed and the world learns of the injustice that was done to them.

This is our goal at The Scriptorium - this is where our great task begins. Our mail-order German bookstore is not nearly enough by itself. Many hours of work are required, and many "building blocks" are needed. The greatest expense comes in financing the translations of documents from our German archive, to be posted online in our English archive. If we have to fund this all by ourselves, it will take a very long time, because the earnings from the bookstore must go primarily towards expanding our selection of books for sale.

The danger is that one day people may no longer care about our topic. For example - the great positive social and political accomplishments of the young Third Reich. Or the political and diplomatic machinations by other European powers to keep this self-resurrecting Germany "down", where the terms of the Treaty of Versailles had been designed to keep her for generations. Will you help us keep these things from falling into oblivion? Our foremost task at the moment is the English translation of documents which to date have only existed in German, and which would contribute to a better understanding of "the real German history" if they were available in English. Often it is only ignorance of the facts that perpetuates the hateful myths about "the Nazis"!

The first building block to finance our mission was sponsored by H.R., a Sudeten German expellee and survivor whose initiative also prompted us to publish the Dokumente zur Austreibung der Sudetendeutschen in the German original. The English translation of this book is now complete: Documents on the Expulsion of the Sudeten Germans. Survivors Speak Out.

Will you help us turn this project into reality? We are grateful for every donation, and none is too small to be appreciated. Our motto is: someone who doesn't value the penny doesn't deserve the pound! And every donation becomes a building block in our "God's Wall". We can accept checks or "Money Orders" from within Canada; checks or "international" Money orders from the USA; from abroad, international bank money orders or "Western Union" transfers are best. Please, no Eurochecks!! Lately Canadian banks have begun charging such exorbitant processing fees for these that the charges often exceed the amount of the check.

(Canadian $, after exchange:)

Donations of up to Cdn$24 are acknowledged with a small brick,
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donations of $50-99 with a large brick,
donations of $100-249 with a silver brick,
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donations of $500 or more with a diamond brick.

Repeated donations within one and the same calendar year add up - if you help us out with, for example, $25 every three months, the brown brick will have turned into a silver one by December!

Of course you can also make donations for a specific purpose, but if you do not indicate a preferred use for your donation we will simply apply the amount to the translation that is "next in line". At the moment we are focusing on:
1) English translations of some photo volumes from our German archives - since "a picture is worth a thousand words", and
2) an extensive collection of historical, political and etnographic maps as a sort of "what was where" accompaniment to our site.

Within Canada, personal checks or Money Orders are the safest way to send funds.
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From other countries, international bank money orders or "Western Union" transfers are best. Please, no Eurochecks!! Lately Canadian banks have begun charging such exorbitant processing fees for these that the charges often exceed the amount of the check.

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Without your help
our fight for TRUTH FOR GERMANY
would proceed much more slowly.

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