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In this age of widespread ignorance of real history, coupled with incitement against everything German and of the slander of our fathers' and grandfathers' generation, it is necessary that we who have remained German at heart should join together to present a united front against those forces that aim at our ethnic destruction – forces which it is considered a criminal offense (and not only in Germany) to call by name. In our Archive we have posted a large and ever-growing collection of books that expose many historical lies, and put events into proper perspective which are usually shown in incomplete and distorted fashion elsewhere. The pen is mightier than the sword, and truth is a powerful weapon – but we cannot wield it alone! Our website represents many thousands of hours of work, and the books we make available free for everyone are often quite expensive, because they are rare.

Please, will you help us in these educational efforts? Every donation, even the smallest, helps keep us online and allows us to digitize more books for the Archive.
As of late we can accept donations per credit card!   A click on "Donation" takes you to our mail-order bookstore's online ordering system where you can simply enter the (Dollar / Euro / etc.)-amount you wish to donate into the text box titled "Add to Cart" and then continue just like for a book order. Your credit card data are processed securely encrypted; neither we nor any other human ever sees them.

Alternatives to credit cards:
Within Canada, personal checks or Money Orders are the best way to send funds.
From the United States, personal checks or "international" Money Orders are the best way. Important: since 9/11 Canadian banks insist that Money Orders from the United States must be "international" Money Orders, not "postal" Money Orders...... "Postal" MOs can no longer be cashed in Canada - at least, that has been our experience!
From other countries, international bank money orders or "Western Union" transfers are possible, however, there are significant bank processing fees. Just like international purchases, donations are far cheaper by credit card... for you and for us...

It doesn't need to be a financial donation! Will you help us with a book donation for the Archive instead? There are so many books that are worth saving from the dustbin of history! We have compiled a list of some of them in the form of a "Wish List" [most are in German]; there's something affordable for every budget...

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our fight for TRUTH FOR GERMANY
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