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Was Hitler Really a Dictator

Friedrich Christian, 
Prince of Schaumburg-Lippe. Was Hitler Really a Dictator. Translation of Kritik, Stimme des
Volkes, Heft 86.
"I ask myself what other ruler was ever as celebrated, as revered, as loved and idolized as this man in the brown shirt..."
Louis Bertrand, French journalist, at the Reich Party Convention of 1937 in Nuremberg
Written in 1977. Published: Kritik: Die Stimme des Volkes, issue 86;
Nordwind-Verlag © 1994.
Translated by Victor Diodon and published here by kind permission of the copyright owner.
Translation © 1998-2019 by The Scriptorium.

Friedrich Christian, Prince of Schaumburg-Lippe

1. Introduction
2. The masses readily become a hangman...
3. The "dictator"
4. The fatal lack of understanding of human nature
5. "Denazification Certificate trade"
      and self-deception

6. The system of slander
7. Slander: psychological genocide!
8. Art, culture and social innovations
9. The eternal ethical laws of nature
10. A word to the slanderers themselves
11. Conclusion
12. Epilogue

Was Hitler Really a Dictator?