Survey: translation of our German Archive into English

We are at the beginning of a massive translation project that will see the entire contents of our German Archive translated into English and posted in our English Archive.

Obviously this will be a very long-term project and we thought that the best way to begin this work was to see what you, our readers, would be most interested in.

Below you will find a survey poll which lists all the books from our German Archive that have not already been translated. The titles are our tentative working titles rather than the German original titles in order to give non-German-speakers a rough idea of what each book is about. Unfortunately the limitations of the poll software do not allow for any detailed descriptions or links to the originals, but we hope that the working titles will suffice. German-speakers can check out the original publications in the German Archive.

Which book would YOU like to see translated into English first? There are currently 82 options!

Simply click the round "radio button" next to the title of your choice and then click "Vote" at the bottom of the poll box. Your votes strongly influence our decisions regarding which books to work on first.

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Book Choices for Translation into English
Please choose one:
10 Years of Versailles (3 vols.)
100 Corridor Claims. A dispute with Poland
200 000 Sudeten Germans too many! The Czech war of extermination against 3,5 million Sudeten Germ...
4000 Years Prove Danzig's Germanness: a history of the ethnographic, historical, cultural, spirit...
The Abyss of Versailles
Albert Leo Schlageter: a German freedom fighter
And the World is Amazed: a brief history of German inventions throughout the ages
The Anschluss Question and its cultural, political and economic significance
Austria and the Anschluss
Austria-Hungary in the World War (WW1, photo volume)
Austria's Bloody Path: A quarter of a millennium of struggle for greater Germany
The Battle for Berlin: the beginning (of the National Socialist movement)
Bismarck's Peace Treaties
The Bloody Sunday of Bromberg in September 1939. Poland's deliberate provocation and responsibil...
The Book of the German Colonies
The Book of the German Homeland
The Borderland Germans: with special consideration of their economic and social life
Britain's Game with Poland: the British-Polish relations since WW1
Britain's Peace Treaties: motives and methods
Britain's Political Morals in her own words
British Propaganda Lies in WW1 and Today (pre-WW2)
Danzig as Merchant City, with special regard to the situation created by the Treaty of Versailles
Danzig, Poland and the League of Nations: a political study
Days of Horror: France's "humanitarianism" toward its German prisoners in WW1
The Disgraceful Treaties (post-WW1)
Documents on Britain's Sole Responsibility for the bombing war against the civilian population
Emigration of the Jews from the Third Reich
The Entente's Ultimatum: full text of the mantle note and the reply to the German counterproposals
Ethnic Germans Under the Polish Flag: reports from the other front, from the campaign of 18 days
For Fatherland and Freedom: Photographs from WW1
Front in Rock and Ice: World War 1 in the high mountains
The Führer's Fight for World Peace
The German Colonies Before, During and After the World War (WW1)
German Danzig (photo volume)
The German Ethnic Group in Poland, 1934-39
German Labors Abroad: German contributions in all the world (photo volume)
The German Settlements in West Prussia and Posen in the first 12 years of Polish Rule
Germans Abroad: an overview of the German diaspora after WW1
Germans Helped Build Russia
The Germans in Austria and their Compromise with the Czechs
The Germans in Congress Poland
Germany and the Corridor
Germany – England 1933-1939: the documents of the German will to peace
Germany, We're Coming! Voices from Austria's intellectual circles for the Anschluss to Germany
Germany's Achievements at Sea: the history of German seafaring from its earliest b... (photo volume)
Germany's Conquest of the Air: the development of German aviation (photo volume)
Germany's Peace Treaties since 1555: their motivations and historical significance
Girls and Their Struggle in the Third Reich: Experiences and reminiscences
Give me Four Years Time! Documents on the Führer's first four-year plan
The Great Germans: New German Biography (6 vols.)
Guderian: The Revolutionary of Strategy
Hanna Reitsch: the life of a German lady pilot
Hitler's Attempts at an Understanding with England
Hitler's Speeches for Equality and Peace
Importance for the German National Economy of Colonial Production in German-Owned Colonies
Life and Death of Weimar Germany: the history of our time from Versailles to the 3rd Reich (9 vols.)
March of Hell of the Ethnic Germans in Poland: Compiled from medical documents
The Monster in Wartime: Crimes committed against Germans by the Allies (WW1)
National Socialist Economic Reconstruction and its Foundations: A Pictorial-Statistical Report
The New Reichsgau Danzig-West Prussia: Report about the reconstruction work in the German East
On the Roads of Death: the suffering of the ethnic Germans in Poland
The Origins of the Free City of Danzig
The Other Lidice: the tragedy of the Sudeten Germans
Our Battle in Poland: Prehistory - Strategic Introduction - Political and War Documents
Our Great Africans: The lives of German explorers and colonial pioneers
Our State and World Peace: Nás stát a svetový mír
Plight of the Ethnic Germans: the fate of the Germans in non-German Europe (after WW1)
Polish Nets over Danzig
The Polish Press in the Fight against the German Ethnic Group in Posen and West Prussia
Political Justice: The Disease of Our Time
Reich Foreign Minister v. Ribbentrop's Speech in Danzig on October 24, 1939
Speeches of the Führer at the Party Congresses in 1933, 1935, 1936, 1937, 1938
The State Against Its Will: Austria 1918-1938
Testimonies of Truth: Danzig and the Corridor in the judgment of foreign countries
The Truth about Hitler from British Lips
The Truth about the German War Crimes: The charges of the WW1 Allies contrasted with their own deeds
The World War for Honor and Justice: a study of WW1 in its true nature, based on offic... (10 vols.)
The World War (WW1) in its Harsh Reality: "The Front Fighters' Book" (photo volume)
They All Built Germany: a history book for elementary schools
What Germany Lost in her Colonies
When Will the Germans Finally Come Back? A journey through our colonies in Africa
Who Armed for World War? (WW1)

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