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Germans helped build America - and 
how has America repaid them?

Series knapp + klar, Issue 25; Grundlagenverlag © 1999.
Translated by Victor Diodon and published here with kind permission from the author.
Translation © 2000-2019 by The Scriptorium.

Heinrich Piebrock

  1. Preface
  2. A New World in the Making
  3. The German Ethnic Group During the Revolution
  4. The Westward Movement
  5. The Forty-Niners
  6. The Germans in the Civil War, and Immigration After 1870
  7. The German Element Around the Turn of the Century
  8. The First World War and its Consequences
  9. World War Two and Afterwards - Critical Voices
10. In Closing
11. Typesetter's Epilogue
12. Literature

Germans helped build America
...and how has America repaid them?