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Archibald Colquhoun Bell, Historical Section, Committee of Imperial Defence
London, Her Majesty's Stationery Office © 1937.
Document reference number C20360[?]. Custodian of the document: The National Archives, London.
This digitized version © 2013-2019 by The Scriptorium. Reprinted here under the terms of the Open Government Licence.

"A Great Achievement." Foreword by The Scriptorium
Part I
1.  Introductory
2.  The First Orders in Council
3.  The First Contraband Agreements
4.  The Beginnings of the Anglo-American Controversy
5.  The Operation of the first Contraband Agreements
6.  British Exports and the Trading with the Enemy Legislation
7.  The First Declaration of Submarine War against Commerce
8.  The Reception of the German Declaration and the Preparation of the Reprisals Order
Part II: The Rationing System
9.  The Operation of the March Order in Council
10.  The Beginnings of the Rationing System
11.  Negotiations for a General Agreement with the Netherlands Overseas Trust
12.  Negotiations for a General Contraband Agreement with the Danish Associations
13.  Negotiations for a General Agreement with the Swiss
14.  Cotton declared Contraband
15.  The Agreements for Operating the Rationing System
16.  The Negotiations for a Swedish Agreement
17.  Supplementary Measures, Bunker Control, and the Inspection of Neutral Mails
18.  Contraband Agreements in the Mediterranean
19.  The End of the Year 1915
20.  The Progress of the Enemy's Economic Campaign
Part III: The Rationing System and the American Embargo
21.  The Beginning of the Year 1916
22.  Negotiations for Securing a Better Share of Domestic Exports of the Border Neutrals
23.  Neutral Fisheries
24.  Neutral Europe under the Rationing System. The Netherlands - Denmark and Norway
25.  Switzerland under the Rationing System
26.  Sweden under the Rationing System
27.  General Remarks upon the Rationing System during 1916
28.  American Policy during the year 1916
29.  The Results of the Economic Campaign during 1916
30.  The German Economic Campaign, September, 1915 - January, 1917
31.  The American Declaration of War and American Preparations for Assisting the Economic Campaign
32.  The American Embargo and the Closing Agreements with the Border Neutrals
33.  The Agreement with Sweden
34.  The Consequences of the Blockade in Germany
35.  The Consequences of the Economic Campaign to the other States of the German Confederation
36.  The Relaxation of the Blockade
I.  Maritime Orders in Council
II.  Contraband Proclamations
III.  Tables illustrating the Restraints upon International Trade imposed by the First Contraband Agreements with Neutrals Bordering upon Germany - British Contraband List and Neutral Prohibitions of Export. December, 1914
IV.  Diagrams illustrating the effects of the Rationing System upon the course of Neutral Trade during the years 1915, 1916, 1917, 1918

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Dieses Buch in gekürzter deutscher Übersetzung:
This book in abridged German translation:

Die englische Hungerblockade im Weltkrieg 1914-15

A History of the Blockade of Germany
and of the countries associated with her in the Great War:
Austria-Hungary, Bulgaria and Turkey.

by A. C. Bell (Historical Section, Committee of Imperial Defence).